Week Three, Day Three

Had so much fun with my little sister taking 6 out of the 40 pictures for the Do Life Challenge!

Had a pretty good work out. I think I escaped my boyfriend’s throat infection *knock wood*, and I’m feeling better than I did at the beginning of the week.

Four things I did well:

  1. Went to the SPCA with my little sister to walk some puppies!
  2. Ate three balanced meals.
  3. Even if I worked ‘til 5, went to the SPCA and hung out with my little sister, I still managed to work out 30 minutes.
  4. Slept well. 

Week Three, Day Two

Thank you to the people who answered my feeling low post :)

I decided to eat lots of citrus fruit and drink lots of water and do a light 30 minute session of elliptical. I think it actually helped me feel better.

Afterwards, I ate dinner (shrimp fruit salad) then for dessert a delicious mix of greek yogurt, oats, frozen blueberries and honey. So yum!

Four things I did well yesterday:

  1. Was super productive at work.
  2. Listened to my body and gave it a break.
  3. Got hooked on Once Upon a Time (this IS a good thing - make belief is shiny!).
  4. Took care of my immune system with citrus fruit and water and echinacea.

Feeling low.

I feel I may have a flue coming on (my boyfriend has high fever), and migraines are constant. My energy has reached an all time low.

Should I refrain from exercising, today, if I took a rest day yesterday? Or should I exercice less vigorously? What do you guys think?

Week Three, Day One

This week’s challenge is great fun! I will require the help of my little sister to photograph that list, and hopefully get loads of pictures done.

Monday was rest day, since I’ve been plagued recently with a bout of migraines. Gaaaahh.

Four things I did well:

  1. Acupuncture (hey, you can kick in and start working any minute now!)
  2. Took a long, hot, bubbly bath! Relaxed those tense shoulders.
  3. Ate loads of fruits for breakfast, and a raw (spring rolls) lunch.
  4. Took care of my sicky poo boyfriend.

Here’s to hoping Tuesday brings forth more energy.

Week Two, Day Seven

I went to “breakfast” at noon today and ate eggs benedict. They were delicious, but I felt the unhealthy after effects all day; I felt it in my veins, I tell you. So in the afternoon, I elliptical-ed (not a verb).

And that’s 150 minutes of exercise for the week!

Afterwards, I ate this:

It’s a lot tastier than it looks, I promise! Fiddlehead (check this out for info on this delicious vegetable), asparagus and broccoli purée. Nam! I finished with half a cup of frozen blueberries and a clementine.

Four things I did well today:

  1. Knitted!
  2. Ate well, for the second part of the day.
  3. I was running low on soap, shampoo and lotion and stuff but instead of buying the generic brands I bought Live Clean products. Most of their stuff is 98% plant based and totally eco-friendly, not to mention made in Canada. Yay!
  4. Hosted my radio show by myself (mostly) for the first time today! A couple technical difficulties, but overall, a success.

Thus endeth Week two! You can check out everyone’s amazing week here. I wrote a recap! :) 

Week Two, Day Six

Instead of the elliptical, I went for a 30 minute walk with the boyfriend in the freezing cold (feels like -22C… Brr). However, by the end of the walk, I couldv’e taken my hat off. Got the ol’ heart pumping.

Four things I did well:

  1. Cleaned the bathrooms, thoroughly.
  2. Took a bath to relax.
  3. Finished a book! And knitted before dinner.
  4. Worked a bit more on my masters application. Such a pain.

Week Two, Day Five

Yesterday I did my second paying it forward act!

Do something else. Yep, that’s (at least) two times this week, you’ll be going out of your way. 

My boyfriend tried to capture it on video for y’all but his phone died before any of the action could be filmed. Bummer. Here’s the proof, though:


That’s me, walking inside our City Hall. I went in to by a 10 rides buss pass (19$), and leave it at the desk. Shoppers Drug Mart also sells them, but I picked City Hall because I figured they’re not out to make money off people. This is how the conversation between me and the person at the information desk went:

Me: So I have kind of a strange request.
Him: Ok…
Me: I’d like to buy a 10 rides bus pass, but leave it with you so that the next person who comes in and wants to buy one can just have this one, for free.
Him: *Blank stare*
Me: …I’m just trying to do a random act of kindness thing.
Him: *Turns around at supervisor* Can we do this?
She: Yes, of course we can! Just write down “act of kindness” on the pass so we don’t forget.
Him: Well, you hear a new one every day don’t ya!

I wished him a good day and he looked up with a huge smile and said: “No, YOU have a GREAT day.” 

It was cool.

I wasn’t feeling great yesterday so I put the difficulty to 2 instead of 4, hence the seemingly good work out.

Four things I did well:

  1. Woke up early, by myself!
  2. Went to a meeting organized by the radio where I host a show every Sunday (voluntarily). Gave some good ideas at the meeting.
  3. Stayed afterwards and cleaned a whole office. It needed that.
  4. Went to bed early, because my head and shoulders were killing me. Turns out I grind my teeth at night. It hurts my muscles. 

Week Two, Day Four

Took another rest day. This means I’ll have to step it up on the elliptical Friday to Sunday to meet my weekly exercice minutes.

Four things I did well: 1. Totally rocked at work. 2. Helped out a friend in pain. 3. No sugar! Except a bite of cinnamon pretzel. 4. 3 healthy meals and 2 healthy snacks.

Week Two, Day Three

What a horrible day yesterday.

I managed to accomplish this goal, though: 

Do something out of the ordinary for a stranger. Find a way to brighten someone’s day. Pay for an elderly couple’s meal at the restaurant. Give a homeless man a blanket. Volunteer. Compliment someone. Do something out of your way. Something, maybe, you’ve never done before. 

I asked my dad and my boyfriend for outerwear they didn’t use anymore and ended up with these two coats:

I grabbed them and brought them here:

It’s a youth shelter for young people living in poverty or literally homeless. I decided to donate to this organisation because I work for francophone youths, and the kids I work with are for the most part well off, and it got me to thinking about the young people I don’t reach. The shelter was in need of winter clothing for boys/men. So there you go! Paying it forward, #1.

Four things I did well:

  1. Took a rest day because I felt my body needed it. I was exhausted after work and felt a migraine coming on, so I took things easy.
  2. Ate well.
  3. Drank lots of water.
  4. Helped M.-A. deal with his student loan troubles.

Week Two, Day Two

Still going strong!

Time: 30:00min
Distance: 8.62km
Calories: 196

This is what my face looked like, after:

Also added another reason to get motivated to my banner!

I haven’t had a migraine in so long, and I attribute it partly to my exercices. Sure, stopping my medication, getting acupuncture and eating less sugar are probably contributing to this new found painlessness, but getting my blood pumping, my heart racing and the air flowing is probably the biggest benefactor.

Four things I did well today:

  1. Spoke to my boss and we agreed that I won’t be working on Fridays! I have accumulated so much overtime that I won’t be able to take a vacation before my contract is up, so we decided 4 day weeks were the way to go.
  2. I bought myself clementines and healthy granola bars and I’m leaving them at work where I can eat them around 4PM to have an extra boost of energy for my 5PM workout.
  3. Drank lotsa water today.
  4. No artificial sugar, sucrose, sucralose, whatever. NONE!